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After being a HUGE success in Colorado, The HRB Group decided to open an office in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 2017. It is quickly growing and aligning with other highly-experienced professionals. In addition to the Payroll Management and HR Administration services, The HRB Group offers more specific services needed by clients, including Financial, Benefits and Insurance, Accounting, Employment and Marketing, as well as offering them all in Spanish, for our Latino clients. Advanced HR services like employee handbooks, company policies and others are also available. As a result, payroll and accounting costs are reduced, legal risks are significantly lowered, and the company owners can focus solely on running and growing their businesses.


Managing employees can be costly and is time-consuming. Operating a business without an experienced HR professional can also put the business at risk, and cause the business owner to lose everything. The HRB Group will significantly reduce the employment management costs and risks, and ensure that your business runs smoothly, grows and thrives. The HRB Group is offering co-employment, which means sharing employer responsibilities with the clients, and thus taking care of keeping and attracting employees, improving workplace safety, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing workers’ compensation risks. We also offer professional payroll management which takes another stress off a very busy business owner’s shoulders.

The HRB Group highly values integrity and transparency, with personalized and professional service for every client, regardless of the size of the company. The client is not just a customer, but a long term business partner whose success and growth is the ultimate goal. The HRB Group is here to assist the clients on their way to the top by providing them with cost-effectiveness, the necessary payroll management tools for the business growth, and better perks and HR administration for their employees. For further information, please take a look around the site, or contact us and allow us to assist you, and help you grow your business.

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